6 Ways to Fix Onedrive “The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid” Error

Get your Windows files back in shape with these solutions for this annoying OneDrive Error.

Have you ever faced the “the tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid” Error when varying a folder or deleting it on your Windows device? You may have seen this Error when entering a folder via Command Prompt or File Explorer, primarily for files and folders synced to OneDrive. How does this Error happen? OneDrive is the source of the mistake.

What is the “The tag in the reparse point buffer is invalid” Error?

The tag in the reparse point buffer is unacceptable, or Error 0x80071129 is a message a user may obtain while trying to use Microsoft OneDrive. This mistake frequently occurs when the On-Demand OneDrive feature is on. While this functionality unlocks a more astonishing path to managing files, it infrequently leads to facing difficulty in the form of such errors. As a rule, the most likely reason for this is some disk fraud that prevents OneDrive from backing up junction files. Instead, it can otherwise be a OneDrive fault connected to a cache or even an internal Windows bug that can be solved only during updating. 

What causes the Location not to be found – Is the tag in the reparse point buffer invalid?

The Location is not obtainable Error is caused by the sync procedure of Onedrive. It is likely a minor bug in Onedrive’s software that the expansion team of Microsoft has to fix. As the bug has been around for some time, I think there will be a slow pace.

Fortunately, the reparse Error only appears very hardly ever. Some users will never encounter the Error. Though, folders with thousands of files are more likely to cause the Error. Examples of applications are:

  • Tradingview
  • BioGame
  • Photoshop
  • Eclipse / Java
  • NI-DAQmx

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But First, Some Preliminary Checks…

Apply the subsequent preliminary checks before attempting the main fixes:

  • Pause the OneDrive sync and try aperture the folder again.
  • Resume your device once.
  • Log out of your OneDrive account.
  • If you have made any alterations to the challenging folder on OneDrive, go back and relapse them for a while.

If the above beginning checks do not solve the difficulty and the matter persists, implement the lasting fixes.

1. Run the CHKDSK command

For Windows users, CHKDSK is the go-to usefulness for scanning and fixing hard drive harms. Whenever users encounter a hard drive error or a matter with the data stored on their campaign, the CHKDSK scan proves to be a blessing.

This scan may be obliged to join the matter under conversation since “the tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid” is also connected with an incapability to contact an exacting file properly. Therefore, follow the ladder below to run the CHKDSK scan before you effort any other mend or fix:

1.    In the Windows Search box, type “Command Prompt.

2.    Right-click the Command Prompt app and clack run as administrator.

3.    Enter the following Command in the Command Prompt app:

Chkdsk C: /f /r

4.    Then push Enter.

Here, C: refers to the drive where your operating system is installed. If your operating system resides on a diverse drive, change the Command consequently. Also, don’t disregard entering the “/f” and “/r” parameters since these are meant to fix errors, locate bad sectors, and improve tainted information.

The CHKDSK scan has the maximum chance of sufficiently fixing the Error under conversation. However, you can move on to the following answer if it doesn’t determine the difficulty.

2. Check for File-Specific Issues

Next, you should check whether the Error happens for an exacting file or all files synced on OneDrive. Efforts to make the precise amend that caused the Error in various folders and see if the difficulty repeats. If the matter is file-specific, it is suggested that you restore the file to its preceding version, if probable. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1.    Right-click on the file you’re experiencing the Error with and open Properties.

2.    Click on the Previous Versions tab.

3.    Select the preceding version if obtainable.

4.    Click the Restore button, and then click Apply and OK.

3. Make sure your system is up-to-date

Some error wounded says the matter has evolved into a chronic cycle, frequently showing itself upon each usual OneDrive usage. While this can be provisionally solved using the methods above, it is less probable the Error can be enduringly banned without Microsoft’s help. We counsel you to make sure your system is for new updates. It is feasible that developers will roll out some update that fixes slight bugs, such as OneDrive failures. Here is an order to check for updates and install them, if any.

1.    Right-click the Start Menu button at the bottom taskbar of your desktop and decide Settings.

2.    Guide to Windows Update and click Check for updates.

3.    Wait until Windows finds new updates and install them. If new updates were previously pending, you could install them instantly without penetrating them.

4. Remove the Passwords from the Problematic Files

Has this Error occurred after password-protecting a synced file on OneDrive? In this case, go to OneDrive, check the customized file history, and reinstate the problematic file to a preceding version. Our article on improving OneDrive files from version history explains how to roll back a file. Reset OneDrive if this fix does not resolve the difficulty.

5. Delete or Relocate the Problematic File

If all besides fails, delete or transfer the problematic file. Before you do that, you need to pause the OneDrive sync and leave it for an hour. Then, contact your OneDrive online and remove the synced file from there.

Once done, turn off your device’s internet connection and start Windows 11 in Safe Mode (or Windows 10 if you’re using an older version). Afterward, steer to your local drive, where the problematic file is located. Delete it from there and resume your appliance usually.

If the file you are experiencing the mistake with is worth it to you and you cannot erase it, move it to another computer and delete it from your primary device. Relocating or deleting the file will prevent the error from happening again.

6. Reset OneDrive

Resetting the app or service is a good troubleshooting step for troubles that are not determined with general fixes. Therefore, if none of the holes have worked so far, you should reset OneDrive. Remember that resetting OneDrive will not remove your data, but you’ll have to set up the sync bond again.

We have mentioned how to reset OneDrive. Follow the instructions in the article to reset OneDrive, and optimistically, you can fix the matter. However, if that also fails to work and the Error appear occasionally, you can delete or reposition the problematic file or folder.


These numerous solutions should be enough to make the “The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid” message disappear away. As stated in the finishing method of our guide, it is less probable that you will be able to get clear of the Error forever. You can try reinstalling your system or OneDrive itself; though, we do not think it will serve you the preferred help. The best-case scenario remnants to repeat the fixes that worked each time the matter occurs while waiting until Microsoft sorts out the interior bug with an update.

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