Ways to Set Your Default Printer on a Windows 11 PC

Do you desire your print jobs to go to a precise printer by default? Here’s how to rapidly set that up on Windows 11. A default printer is a device that print jobs are automatically assigned to, except the user chooses otherwise; you can set a default (otherwise preferred) printer in Windows 11 differently.

It might seem insignificant if you only have one printing device, but even then, there are still print-to-file options like Print to PDF. Here are five ways you can set your default printer within Windows 11.

  1. How to Set Your Default Printer in Windows Terminal

 The Windows Terminal app comprises the Command Prompt and PowerShell command shells. Both those control shells share the same command for setting a default printer in Windows 11. This is how to select a default printer in Windows Terminal with Command Prompt or PowerShell.

  1. Foremost, click Start on the taskbar with the right mouse button to see a Power User shortcut menu.
  2. Choose the Windows Terminal (Admin) menu shortcut.
  3. To choose a command shell, click Open a new tab (the down arrow button) and select PowerShell or Command Prompt.

Enter this command for setting the default printer:

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /y /n printer name      

  1. Push Enter to set the default printer particular in the command.

You’ll need to reinstate the printer name in that command with a definite printer model to set as the default device. To guarantee you enter the name correctly, you can check it by executing a control that displays a list of your PC’s printers. Perform the following command to view that list:

  1. How to Set Your Default Printer in Settings

The Settings app has a Printers & Scanners section from which you can locate printing preferences. That section comprises an allocated Windows to manage my default printer option. You’ll need to stop to select a default printer with any technique. Windows will work your default printer if that option is enabled by setting it according to the most newly used. This is how to decide your default printer in Settings:

  1. Unlock Settings with its pinned app shortcut on the Start menu or the Win + I hotkey.
  2. Clack Bluetooth & devices to sight navigation options for that Settings tab.
  3. Choose Printers & scanners to contact the printing options.
  4. Turn off the Allow Windows to direct my default printer option if enabled.
  5. Then click a listed printer device you want to set as default.
  6. push the Set as default button
  7. How to Set Your Default Printer in the Control Panel

The Control Panel has a Devices & printers applet that provides an overview of hardware connected with your PC. You’ll see printers connected to your PC there, and you can set one as the default printing device. These are the ladder for setting a default printer within the Control Panel:

  1. First, clack the Search box or button (a magnifying glass) on Windows 11’s taskbar.
  2. Input a Control Panel search phrase within the text box.
  3. Clack Control Panel to bring up that window.
  4. Select the Large icons selection on Control Panel’s View by menu.
  5. Choose Devices and Printers to contact that applet.
  6. Right-click a printing device and choose set as the default printer option. Now you’ll see a tick mark on the default printer’s icon.

While in the Devices and Printers applet, you can also generate a desktop shortcut for your default printer from there. Right-click your default printer and select Create shortcut > Yes. Then you’ll see an icon for your default printer on the Windows 11 desktop.

That shortcut lets you admit default printer settings by right-clicking its icon and choosing Show More options. You can select or deselect a Set as the default printer option for the shortcut on the classic context menu. Click See What’s Printing to view a print line window, or choose printing preferences to bring up a window containing frequent print options.

  1. How to Set Your Default Printer From the Print Window

Several pre-installed Windows 11 apps, such as Notepad, Paint, and WordPad, have the same Print dialog from which you can organize the default printer. For instance, you can use one of the habits to open WordPad and push the Ctrl + P hotkey to bring up the window shown straight below.

Right-click a listed printer there and choose the Set as Default Printer. Click Apply to save the new default printer setting.

  1. How to Set Your Default Printer from the System Tray

Windows 11 doesn’t have a printer system plate icon to set a default printing device. That’s compassionate since such an icon would offer a convenient shortcut for setting your default printer from the system clock area. However, you can insert a shortcut to Windows 11’s system tray with the liberally available WPrinter Lite app. This is how to situate your default printer with WPrinter Lite.

  1. Unlock the WPrinter Lite page.
  2. Clack the WPrinter Lite Download link.
  3. After that, launch Windows File Explorer with its taskbar shortcut (the folder library button).
  4. Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded WPSetupX.exe installer file.
  5. Double-click WPSetupX.exe to carry up the Setup – WPrinter – Lite window.
  6. Clack the Next > I accept the agreement buttons.
  7. Keep clicking Next to reach an automatically launch WPrinter when Windows starts option, which is chosen by default. If you want the program to start with Windows, keep that checkbox enabled.
  8. Click next once more to get to the Install button.
  9. Select WPrinter Lite’s Install option.
  10. Clack Finish with the Launch WPrinter now checkbox elected.
  11. Now you’ll observe a WPrinter icon in your system tray. Right-click that icon and select one of the printers to set it as default on its context menu.
  12. You can check your default printer by hovering the pointer over the printer icon. The app’s tooltip includes your default printer’s model name.

WPrinter Lite is a slightly basic but helpful app for users who need to alter their default printer setting more frequently. It has little else in the way of additional options, but you can also right-click its icon to choose Printing Defaults. Clicking that option will bring up the properties window for your default printer, from which you can adjust frequent printing settings.

Set Your Preferred Printer in Windows 11

Selecting a default printer allows you to set your chosen printing device in Windows 11. Your default printer should be the one you exploit most frequently. Select whatever technique above for setting the default printer in Windows 11 you favor.

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