7 Ways to Fix PDF Printer Error “Invalid Font When Printing”

You’re trying to print an essential document; however, when you’ve sent the request, you receive the error code that says “PDF Printer Error: invalid font when printing.”

The error is very incomprehensible. It could be produced by factors other than the “invalid font.” For example, it could be due to the circumstance that your PDF viewer is out of date. Other times it could be the result of a malfunction that exists on your device.

Reasons for Error “Invalid font” to Occur on Your PC

We encounter “Invalid font” errors in our system for many reasons. It could be since of an improper configuration format or that you are operating using an old version or version of PDF Viewer.

Other causes could be improper names for fonts or incorrect formatting methods. It could be that firm words aren’t involved in any dictionary obtainable. Follow these steps if you are looking to find out how to fix this problem with your printer:

1. Restart Your PDF Reader

This problem could be the outcome of a provisional matter in the PDF reader. Therefore, you first need to resume your pdf reader, close it, and then re-open it.

If your application is Adobe Acrobat Reader, clack File at the top right corner, then choose Exit Application. After that, revive the request by entering Adobe Reader in the Start Menu search bar and selecting the most suitable search.

If you’re not getting any help, Try resuming your PC and see if that helps.

2. Checking for the latest Updates

  1. The first step is to first, open the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It is thinkable to use any of your favorite PDF readers.
  2. After that, you can press the Help tab and circumnavigate the toolbar.
  3. Then, choose next and click the Check for Updates option.
  4. In the intervening time, Acrobat Reader will experience an inspection of all presently scheduled system updates. If they are exposed, you can click on the Download Updates link to download any update obtainable.
  5. Close the prolonged window. Then, begin your PDF viewer once again to review the latest enhancements. If the PDF viewer isn’t found, you’ll obtain a message regarding the same.

3. Change the File Format Before Printing

In some cases, there are existences where this “invalid font” matter might result from a mismatched file format.

In the case of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may change the document’s format past printing. For occurrence, you could print the document in image format by succeeding these steps:

  1. Click on the Start search bar on the Menu and enter your name into the search bar. Then type the label of the file that you would like to print. Right-click the option and select Open the file at the location.
  2. After that, right-click the document and select Open using >> Adobe Acrobat DC.
  3. Click the file in the upper-right corner and then select the Print option. Interchangeably you can press CTRL + P.
  4. Click the Advanced button in the upper-right corner.
  5. Then, choose the Option to Print an Image option and click “OK”.
  6. Close your Progressive Print Setup screen and put effort into printing the document again.

4. Resetting Acrobat Preference Setups

  1. First, open file Explorer and go to the below-mentioned place on your computer:

“C Users\ [username]\ App_Data\ Roaming\ Adobe\ Acrobat\ [version].”

  1. After that, alter the names of the folders: JSCache and Security.
  2. If you’re working on Windows 7, moving the Partialities folder to a diverse location is advised.
  3. If you consider that the Preference folder is not noticeable in your gadget, open the View tab, which will be found inside File Explorer.
  4. Once you have completed that, check the box for concealed items. The box will display all files limited within the folder.
  5. After effectively transporting the Preference folder, close the prolonged window and open Acrobat Reader again. This resets all preference settings for your Acrobat Reader.
  6. Adobe will generate the virtual folders upon restarting the procedure.
  7. Then, print the PDF file and make sure there’s no matter.

5. Deactivating System Font Reliability Feature

  1. When you start, open the PDF reader from Adobe.
  2. Then, open the PDF file you want to print, and then press two keys instantaneously by hitting Ctrl +.
  3. After a while, the Print Window will be displayed; you can then select the printer of your excellent to print.
  4. Click the Properties segment.
  5. Launch PDF Settings of Adobe.
  6. Check now to de-mark the box connected to your system’s dependability.
  7. After that, hit “OK” to save any variations you’ve made.
  8. Then, you can resume the PDF reader and scan for any improvements.

6. Use the System Maintenance Troubleshooter

If you’re still powerless to solve the matter, then you possibly have a system-specific subject. If this is the circumstance, you’ll be able to resolve the matter by using Windows Troubleshooting tools.

Since this could be a problem with the troubleshooter System Maintenance might be able to help. This is why we have the phases wanted to use this tool:

  1. Type Perform upkeep tasks suggested on the Start Menu search bar and select the most appropriate search option…
  2. Then, click next to choose the Advanced option and choose the Repairs automatically box.
  3. Select Next. Click the Next button, and then follow the steps on the screen to broaden the process.

7. Scan and Fix Your Hard Drive

If you still have matters, your drive could badly behave. In this condition, the greatest operative solution is to scan and overhaul your hard drive.

Now, let’s look at how to achieve the check Disk (CHKDSK) test to eliminate the problem at hand:

  1. Enter the command prompt within the Start Menu search bar. After that, right-click the top result and select Run as administrator.
  2. Enter the following knowledge and hit Enter to launch a check Disk scan:

chkdsk C: /f

Last but not least, restart your device after the procedure is finished.

Have you met issues when using the command? Simply alter your C: command with the number of the drive on which you’re Windows OS is connected.


Printer mistakes are recurrent for mainstream Windows devices. The honorable thing is that removing these matters is commonly very easy.

If you’re suffering an “invalid font while printing” error, any solutions we’ve deliberated on should help. You can then learn new tricks like generating shortcuts on your desktop for printers!

Please let us know through the comment section if you have anything else for us to suggest. 

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