Error 0x80070426 in Microsoft Edge And Store

If you want to utilize Microsoft Services, such as your Store account or your Edge browser, you can run into fault 0x80070426. A distinctive message is “Something went wrong – Please try again later. 0x80070426“

Before we try to affect all kinds of dizzying, desperate solutions (I won’t declare the websites here, for they possess good), it’s important to know precisely what the error message means. 0x80070426 stands for ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_ACTIVE.

This tells us a precise service on your computer is not dynamic, which is necessary to execute the action: the sign-in.

 This is the Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant overhaul in the case of Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store. Below I have scheduled several solutions that almost certainly solve your difficulty. Try them 1 by 1 until your difficulty is determined. And do you leave a message when your trouble has been solved? That is much respected!

Fix 1: Start the Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant by using Services Manager

This is the most user-friendly technique to start the service and determine your 0x80070426 error.

  1. Clack Start -> type Services and select Services (best match).

 Note: you need to run Services with eminent rights. For more info, visit Run Services as an administrator

  1. In Services, roll down to Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant
  2. Right-click Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant and clack Properties
  3. In the Properties window, put Startup Type to Automatic (Delayed Start)
  4. clack Start if the Service Status is not running yet
  5. clack OK to save all changes

Relaunch Edge/Store and try to sign in to Edge or Microsoft Store. It is possibly previously functioning.

Fix 2: Configure Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant to start on demand

An additional way to arrange the Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant service to run when needed mechanically is to arrange the service to start on command. This is the neatest way.

  1. Click Start-> type cmd -> right-click the best match Command Prompt. Click Run as Administrator
  2. In the Administrator: Command Prompt window, type the following commands and push Enter after each authority:

 sc config wlidsvc start= demand

 net start wlidsvc

Try to sign in to Edge or Microsoft Store and see if error 0x80070426 is predetermined.

Why is the WLID service set to manual/disabled?

Sometimes a third-party program may have set the service to manual/disabled. Sometimes a user on your computer has done this. Why? Because there was a lot of harassment back in 2008-2012 when Microsoft started quickly mounting this Windows Live ID service (which is what WLID stands for). Many websites suggested immobilizing the service, blocking Microsoft from distributing your data to online Microsoft services.

It may feel funny to see our thoughts about these cloud services.

If this article did not help you resolve your difficulty, please leave a comment! This website is visited thousands of times a day. There is a good possibility that I or someone else has an answer to your inquiry.

Step 3: Fix the Services configuration

If disabling or uninstalling your VPN software doesn’t fix the difficulty, follow the steps beneath to start the Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant service:

  1. Launch the Services MMC by running services.msc
  2. Double-click the Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant service from the catalog
  3. Set its Startup sort to Manual.
  4. Clack Start to start the service physically.

Otherwise, if you’d like to complete this using the command line, open an admin Command Prompt window, and type the following commands. (Press Enter after each command)

sc config wlidsvc start= demand

net start wlidsvc

Also, in the Services MMC, make sure that the following services are set to Manual:

  • Microsoft Passport (short name: NgcSvc)
  • Microsoft Passport Container (short name: NgcCtnrSvc)

(By default, in a spotless installation of Windows 10, the above three services are put to Manual. Check out the Windows 10 Default Services Configuration listing.)

The Microsoft Passport services can’t be configured through the Services MMC by default, as the controls would be grayed out. In its place, you may edit the established Registry type using the Registry Editor.



In the exceeding registry keys, set the Start value to 3.

The rate data of 3 denotes Manual. 4 denote Disabled.

After altering, you need to resume Windows.

Step 4: Clear the locally stored MSA credentials

If none of the exceeding steps help, you may plain the Windows Live/Microsoft Account stored qualifications using the Credential Manager in the Control Panel.

  1. Initiate the Credential Manager
  2. Choose Windows Credentials
  3. Under Generic Credentials, select the Windows Live or Microsoft Account credentials (including the SSO_POP_User) and eliminate each entry.
  4. Resume Windows.

You’ll be asked to effort the username and password and confirm using 2-factor authentication when you enter the Store or other apps the next time.

One of the above methods helps you stick the error 0x80070426 on your Windows 10 device.

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