Fix HP DeskJet Plus 4100 offline error

Hp DeskJet printer models are incredibly efficient and high-performing devices. But occasionally, it’s probable to come across a technical error due to some motive. Observing your hp DeskJet Plus 4100 offline may be irritating as you cannot print anything. This trouble is not exclusive to you. Many hp printer model users have reported encountering offline difficulty. Gratefully, you can utilize a simple procedure to bring your printer online. You can execute simple troubleshooting events and bid goodbye to this technical fault. In this article, you’ll read about these efficient fixes in detail.

How to turn hp DeskJet Plus 4100 offline to online

The first option accessible is to use the device manager using one of the following options: right-click the start menu or use the + x keys, and from the drop-down list, choose “device manager.” Enter the device expression in the Windows search box and the displayed options, and choose the administrator. In the displayed window, we go to the action menu and pick the line devices and printer.

Note: another alternative for accessing this location is to use the following course: control panel \ hardware and sound \ devices, and printers. The next will be displayed when right-clicking on the unsuccessful printer and selecting the view what is printed alternative. In the new window, clack the printer menu and click Use offline printer line.

Troubleshooting hp DeskJet plus 4100 offline problem

Some high-quality troubleshooting for this matter includes checking the network, resetting the device, and bringing the printer online physically. Read on to know the whole commands for using these methods.

1. Examine your network.

The first step to attach the offline matter is to check your network. When you’ve linked your printer to the network, ensure the machine isn’t associated with a host or visitor network. Host networks have functionalities like separation features. It prevents your printer from connecting to your computer network and performing printing operations.

It is best to openly link your system to the printing machine via hp wireless Direct or Wi-Fi to print. Assume you have the authorization to enter the wireless router catering to a guest network. In that case, you can halt the security functionality provisionally. It will allow the printing machine to link to the internet.

2. Resolve the offline issue on Windows 10

Windows 10 users facing the hp DeskJet Plus 4100 offline difficulty can use the Windows 10 troubleshooting tool to fasten it. Follow this ladder to use the tool.

  1. Head over to the ‘start‘ menu. From here, select ‘settings.’
  2. Now, select the ‘update and security‘ tab.
  3. Navigate to the troubleshooting section in the window that appears.
  4. After that, select the printer line. The ‘runs troubleshooter‘ selection will be displayed in front of you.
  5. Select the printer. The tool will start to analyze it in detail.
  6. Tap the ‘apply this fix‘ option to permit the tool to work.

3. Reset the wireless configuration of the desk jet plus 4100

Resetting the wireless setting also works well for carrying your printer online. Doing so requires you to follow precise, simple steps. They consist of the following.

  1. Before initially resetting the wireless configuration, carry a hard reboot of your hp printer. It would help if you unplugged the power cord for it.
  2. After you restart the printer, press the ‘Wi-Fi‘ button for around five seconds.
  3. Your device is now all places for wireless connection.
  4. Head over to the hp smart app. Once there, tap the ‘add printer‘ button.
  5. Now decide ‘hp DeskJet plus 4100‘ there.
  6. You will see a set of commands on the hp smart app. Ensure that you follow every one of them.

4. Reset your printer

After resetting the wireless settings, reset your hp DeskJet 4100 printers. The following ladder will help you do that.

  1. Press the ‘information‘ button. You must push it for five seconds.
  2. Next, concurrently, hit the ‘cancel‘ and ‘power‘ buttons.
  3. After doing that, push the ‘power‘ button to turn or switch on your printing device.
  4. This simple procedure will reset your printer model and bring it online.

5. Use the hp print & scan doctor utility.

Hp print & scan doctor is a highly well-organized tool that fixes the offline printer matter in many models. You can head over to the official hp website to download this tool. Upon the conclusion of the download, follow the steps underneath to use this tool.

  1. Navigate to the download location on your system and run the hppsdr.exe.
  2. When the hp print & scan doctor launches, tap ‘start.’ follow it by choosing your printer.
  3. If your printing device isn’t listed, switch it on. Then, tap ‘retry.’
  4. If you notice a matter with the connection, go through all the instructions the tool mentions. On considering your screen showing a punctual to switch on the updates of the printing device, tap ‘yes‘ followed by ‘continue.’
  5. Next, if you see a screen that prompts you to make your hp DeskJet plus 4100 the default one, tap ‘yes‘ and carry on.
  6. Do you still visage the hp DeskJet plus 4100 offline difficulty? If so, replicate the steps following downloading and opening the tool.

6. Remove hp printer drivers.

It’s an additional efficient way to fix the printer’s offline error. Guarantee that you use Windows as an admin to eliminate hp printer drivers and packages. Now, follow the steps underneath.

  1. In the search bar, enter ‘cmd.’
  2. When you see the command prompt, input ‘printui /s /t2.’ it will open the window of ‘print server properties.’
  3. Now, eliminate the driver and package for your printer.
  4. After that, re-add your printer. For it, go to ‘devices and printers‘ and choose ‘add printers.’
  5. Now, your printer will show the online status. You can now execute the print job as before.

Final words

The hp DeskJet Plus 4100 offline matter bothers most users of this device. But when you appreciate the diverse methods to troubleshoot it, you won’t find the difficulty a challenge any longer. If you are still determining the matter, please contact specialist hp printer technical support services.

Frequently asked question

Q: why my hp DeskJet Plus 4100 keeps going offline?

 Ans: fix the hp printer offline difficulty by reinstalling the driver on the computer. To do this, go to arrangement/devices/printers and scanners and click on the printer with the mistake. Click yes to eliminate and reinstall it using the installation cod incorporated with the printer, or download the drivers from the manufacturer official website.

Q: how do I fix the hp DeskJet plus 4100 offline error on the computer?

 Ans: fix the printer difficulty by restarting the print services. An additional motive that may be in front of an offline printer is due to error in its printing service; renovate it. To contact Windows services, use the key grouping + r and perform the command services in the displayed window.msc, push enter. In the displayed window, place the service called a print queue, right-click on it, and choose the restart option.

Remarks– this is not the official hp page, and the information provide here is only for your information. 

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