Fix the Error Message ‘ Supply Memory Error’ for HP Printer

We have noticed that some printer users have been overwhelmed by supply memory errors. So, we investigated this error and determined to publish this blog. In this blog, we will initiate the causes and solutions of this fault message. It will assist you in patenting the error in the HP printer.

What is Supply Memory Error?

Supply memory error is an error message displayed on an HP printer screen when the provisions are mismatched or untraceable. Once you obtain this error message, you can no longer print with the supplies installed. The most ordinary supply memory error codes are 10.10.00, 10.00.02, 10.00.10, 10.00.00, etc. 

These error messages usually emerge in HP M152-154 series, M252-254 series, M452-454 series, and M402-404 series printers. One thing these printers have in familiar is that they all use toner cartridges with IC chips.

Common Supply Memory Error Codes

HP printer error codes comprise four or six digits grouped into pairs by a full stop.

The Error Codes starting with “10” always point to a Supply Memory Error. Details are as follows.

  • 00.XX means Black toner undetectable
  • 01.XX means Cyan toner undetectable
  • 02.XX means Magenta toner undetectable
  • 03.XX means Yellow toner undetectable
  • 10.XX means Transfer roller undetectable
  • 22.XX means Transfer Belt undetectable
  • 23.XX means Fuser unit undetectable
  • 31.XX means Toner collection container undetectable
  • 39.XX means Document feeder undetectable
  • 99.XX means Several supply items undetectable

The Causes of Supply Memory Error

Two main reasons for the error are compatibility issues of printer provisions or poor chip contact.

Compatibility issues

Wrong printer cartridges were installed

Some printer users may error some dissimilar toner cartridges with identical looking. An incorrect printer cartridge will prevent the machine from recognizing it and lead to a supply Memory Error.

Defective printer cartridges were installed.

When you install a printer cartridge with an injured chip, the printer will fail to read the data from the chip. Then your printer will display a supply memory error.

Firmware updates on printer

HP will occasionally discharge new printer firmware versions to fix bugs or advance print knowledge. When the printer firmware update is obtainable, most users will decide to update it without thinking too much. However, new printer firmware might block 3rd-party printer cartridges and reason supply memory errors.

Poor chip contact

When cartridges are not installed in place, the printer will not succeed in noticing the chips on the HP toner or ink container. Thus it might give a supply memory error. Besides, the damaged metal contactors in the printer will also reason deprived contact between the cartridge chip and the printer.

How to Clear Supply Memory Error in HP Printer?

If you installed a new container in your printer and your printer is giving you a supply memory error message, try the following steps to troubleshoot this matter.

Step 1: Check for Obstructions

  • First, eliminate your cartridge from the printer. Check it cautiously for any packaging material that might have been left on the cartridge. Any defensive paper and orange plastic pieces casing the chip or inserted on the side of the cartridge must be detached. Also, make sure the cartridge seal is detached totally.
  • Quietly shake the cartridge from side to side before inserting it back into the printer.

If this doesn’t work, try the following steps:

Step 2: Reset the printer

  • With the printer turned on, cut off the power cord from the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the power source.
  • Wait 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cord to a wall outlet and the printer.

Note: HP suggests plugging the printer frankly into a wall outlet.

If none of these steps worked, try another cartridge.

Step 3: check if the cartridge is compatible with your printer

Each printer has matching printer cartridge models. Only the right models will be familiar to your printer. For instance, the HP LaserJet Pro M404n printer can only use CF258A with a chip and CF258X with a chip. Therefore, please double-check the cartridges installed and make sure they are well-matched with your printer.

Step 4: check the status of the cartridge chips

Take out the printer container from your printer and check the status of the cartridge chips. If the chips are physically injured, you must install new cartridges with excellent chips. Discolored chips may also cause deprived chip contact. If the chips are discolored, you can spot the chip’s surface.

Step 5: Check the installation of cartridges

Please take out the container from your printer and reinstall them. Make sure the cartridges are installed in place. If you are via a color laser printer, i.e., HP Color LaserJet Pro M281cdw, please make sure every HP 202A toner cartridge or HP 202X toner cartridge is installed in the correct toner tray. The color of the cartridge must match the color of the tray.

Step 6: Check the printer firmware version

Check with your colleagues and see if anyone in your office updated the printer firmware. Because when a new printer firmware is obtainable, the printer will pop up a message to inform printer users to update it. Most users will verify the update. 

Verifying that the printer firmware was updated might be the motive for the supply memory error. Don’t hesitate to contact your toner cartridge contractor for a refund or a free substitute. Most highly regarded toner cartridge suppliers will present satisfactory after-sales service. True Image is a premium, well-matched toner cartridge online store. We bid quality toner cartridges and most excellent service to all printer users.

How to Avoid Supply Memory Error?

Turn off HP printer firmware updates.

When you turn on the printer auto-updates, HP can update your printer at any time without your permission. This increases the danger of supplies being blocked by HP printer firmware updates. Therefore, it’s essential to turn off the printer firmware update options. 

Buy and use the correct printer supplies.

When you buy printer cartridges, double-check the compatibility and make sure they are well-matched with your printer. You can also check the compatibility before you install the cartridges into the printer. This also reduces the danger of printer damage.

Choose a reputable toner cartridge supplier

There are many toner cartridge suppliers in the market. But not all suppliers offer high-quality products and worry-free customer support. Before you decide on a new toner cartridge supplier, it’s improved for you to read some reviews from other customers. In this way, you will know if the supplier is reliable. When you buy printer supplies from a trusted contractor, you have nothing to worry about because they will address any difficulty with the product or purchase appropriately.

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