How to Stop Duplex Printing (Turn Off / Disable Double-Sided Printing)

Duplex or double-sided printing has developed as a standard feature of contemporary printers. People love this feature due to the datum that it upsurges efficiency and lowers printing costs. But, despite the many assistances, it is not always informal where users wish to stop printing duplex on their printer but don’t know how to do it. In this blog, we’ll enlighten easy steps to stop duplex printing the windows computer.

Why do we need to disable duplex printing?

As I said earlier, duplex printing is a productivity-enhancing and cost-reducing feature that is obtainable in many printers. If your printer can support double-sided printing, this feature will probably be permitted by default, and you’ll be required to restrict it manually in some occurrences.

  • Printing separate documents If you’re printing multiple pages, you must mail each to numerous people if you are powerless to afford for these documents to be printed in a row within the same Print. It is essential to print each one on a separate sheet.
  • Printing Images / Photos Most times, when printing images or photos, you’d like them printed on a single sheet and not the opposite sides of the undistinguishable sheet. This means you must stop duplex printing with your printer while printing images.

We’ve only declared two occurrences where it is suggested to restrict the duplex printing function of your printer. However, there are sufficient situations in which you’ll choose to make this choice. Next, we’ll discover different approaches to deactivating double-sided printing in your printer.

How to Stop Duplex Printing? (Turn Off Duplex)

If you agree to deactivate the duplex printing feature of your printer, you’ll need to choose between two replacements. You can disable this feature only for one print job, or you may disable the feature for a long time until it is re-enabled once more. We’ll clarify each of these options in the following paragraphs. You can use the procedures that match your requirements.

  1. Disable Duplex Printing for Single Print Job

If you’d like to neutralize double-sided printing in only one print job, the option is usually obtainable within the application you’re employing, or you’ll have to permit this feature within your printer’s preferences. We will go over the two approaches in detail in the following paragraphs.

  1. directly from the application

An excellent example of a program could be MS Word.

  • Then open the MS Word file you would like to print, and then choose ‘Print’ File‘ at the window’s top-left.

  • Within the File Menu, Go to the Print option. You will find the ‘Print one side drop-down menu under the ‘Pages’. Select the option.

Your printer currently does not be able to print duplex for the current print job.

  1. Using Printer Preferences

In this case, we’ll complete this task using Microsoft Paint. But you’ll need to search for comparable options within your application to avoid printing duplexes on your printer.

  • Open an image in Microsoft Paint. MS Paint application, then choose ‘File‘ in the upper-right corner within MS Paint.

  • Within the File menu, select Print from the File menu. Print option. Then click ‘Print‘ to proceed.

  • Within the print window, look for and click the ” Preferences ” button. Each application can retrieve your preferences for printing from the print window. To do this, you need to locate this button within the print window of your application.

  • In the Printer Preferences window, click on the “Layout‘ tab. Then, below the “Print on Both Sides option, choose ‘None‘ from the drop-down menu. After that, click the OK button to apply the alterations. The names of the tab or the duplex printing option may be diverse from the printer partialities window, which you’ll need to search for, but you will come crossways this option when you determine the Page Option for Alignment.

Now you can print, and your printer won’t print on either side of the page.

  1. Disable Duplex Printing for All Print Jobs

If you want to stop printing duplexes on your printer, follow the commands below. But, recollect the options for the Printer Properties window differ for every printer. It is conceivable to browse numerous menus and tabs in the Printer properties window to locate the options related to Duplex printing or double-sided printing. The steps listed below are simply a general overview, and the options might fluctuate for your particular printer; however, the procedure is similar.

  • When you search, simply type in ‘control ‘and choose ‘Control Panel in the search results.

  • On the Control Panel window, click the ‘Hardware and Sound’ option to endure.

  • In the Hardware and Sound tab, click the” devices and printers option.

  • On the Printers page, Find and right-click on your printer of choice, and choose ‘Printer properties’ from the menu.

  • Within the Printer Properties window, choose the “Device Settings tab.

  • Under the Device Settings tab, choose under Device Settings, the setting “Two-sided Printing “, then select ‘Off’ from the drop-down menu. After that, press the ‘OK’ button to apply the setting.

You’ve turned off printing on both sides of your printer. Follow these steps to permit duplex printing on your printer.

Double-sided printing is a common feature on most printers; however, if you wish to turn off this feature for a short period or permanently from your printer, now you are conscious of how to stop printing duplexes. But it is imperative to recollect that turning off this feature can decrease the competence of your printer and will increase the printing price.

I hope you find it helpful; if you have anything, we would love to hear from you; the comment segment is all yours. 

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