How To Find the WPS PIN of the HP Deskjet 3630 All-in-One Printer

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup will give the user an informal technique of connecting the HP printer to a device. This pin is used to attach the wireless device to your router. Once your printer is associated with your device, it can transmit a range of printing processes using the same pin. Before acting on these activities, you’ll need to know where and how to discover your WPS pin for HP printers. In most cases, you can exploit the printing device’s Control Panel to discover it. The user manual for your printer device is also a reputable resource to get the help you want to discover that WPS button or the pin.

We’ve debated the entire procedure on this site. Additionally, you can find out where to discover the pin for HP Envy Printers, DeskJet Printers, and Officejet Printers.

To be able to rapidly understand the questions and approaches conferred in this object to rapidly learn about the approaches and enquiries, make use of the below summary:

What is a WPS PIN?

Before we get to the major matter in this article, it is essential to observe what is a WPS PIN truly is. If you aren’t attentive to what WPS PIN is, you’ll never be conscious that you’ve found it.

WPS is an acronym that stands for “Wi-Fi Secured Setup”. It is a mutual wireless security network. The network links wireless routers to devices in a more well-organized and cooler method.

Wireless networks that exploit the WPS use the use of a password. The password wants to be protected using either the WPA isolated or WPA2 Security protocols that are individual to you.

What is the Default WPS Pin for hp Deskjet 3630?

How do you print the WPS pin for your device, Deskjet 3630? The first step is to turn on the printer and then attach it to a Windows 10 device. Connect the printer to your desktop. Merely press the “Cancel” and Wi-Fi buttons for three minutes.

Printers are now in setup mode. Go to the device settings. Find the Wi-Fi connection and then crisscross it. You will see the HP Deskjet 3630 status. Click on it now to authorize that it’s connected. 

Aspect for the printer on the right side. If you don’t discover it, just click the plus button and search for the model’s name. Once on the screen, look at the printer settings in the choices. In the next section, you will find the tool and search for reports on printers within the printer hearsays.

Choose network formation. It will ask your printer to print one page. Watch until HP Deskjet WPSP show you. On the top, it will show the WPS pin number. It’s lawful for 5 minutes after you click on network configuration.

Only effective if in use for less than 5 minutes. When it decreases, you’ll need to repeat the procedure to set up the printer to print a job.

How to connect HP Deskjet 3630 printer via WPS Pin on Windows?

The WPS pin is modest to locate on Windows to HP Printer model users. Circumnavigate to the control panel and confirm your network’s status as follows.

  • The first step is to check the power connection between your printer and the desktop. Reboot the printer.
  • The wireless button is pushed on the printer, and the light flashes. It could be blue.
  • A message on the printer’s screen will appear “Wi-Fi Installation”, and you can select the printer pin.
  • A pin seems on the screen for numerous minutes.

Thus, WPS Pin on HP 3630 is twisted, and the printer is now printing.


Where is the WPS pin on my hp printer?

The chief question now is, “where can I locate the WPS of the HP Printer?” In mainstream HP Printers such as HP Envy 4520, HP Officejet 4650 as well as HP LaserJet WPS, Pin is located on the printer’s screen. Another procedure to find your WPS pin is printing it straight from the printer. If you look closely inside the printer, you will see a small display where the WPS pin is shaped for wireless connection. Other HP printers, such as HP Deskjet 2600 and HP Deskjet 2652, do not have a screen. But you’ll also need a WPS pin to use these HP printers. There are two solutions to the WPS pin on all HP printers.

Types of WPS Connection for HP Printer

On every HP printer, you will select one of these options for connecting to the printer wirelessly.

  • Push Button (For printers that are not screen-based)
  • WPS Pin (To Screen enabled Printers)

Connecting via WPS Button

Although this technique does not disclose or expose the WPS password, it links your HP Printer straight to the router.

Step 1: Press the Settings or Wireless Button on your HP Printer

To reach this point initially, you must enter your printer’s control panel earlier you can do so.

After you’ve done this After that, press the “settings” and “wireless” buttons found on the printer model you have.

This triggers the blue light to begin flashing.

Step 2: Select “Wi-Fi Protected Setup 

In this case, you’ll need to indicate to select the “Wi-Fi Secured Setup” option. When you indicate this option, your HP printer will display commands for you to follow on-screen.

  1. Click the “WPS Button.”

The next period is to indicate the “WPS Button” on your printer.

Step 4: Press your router’s WPS button

The process in 3. will necessitate you to hit the router’s WPS button. Find the button, and then press it.

Step 5: Press Continue

After you’ve pressed the “PS” WPS option on the router, head into your printer and click “Continue”. The wireless connection has been recognized.

Step 6: Use your printer

You have associated your printer effectively and can use it however you like.

Connecting via WPS PIN

In this way, the WPS PIN of your account will be shown and will be required to accomplish your wireless connection.

These are the steps you should be trailed:

Step 1: Access your HP printer’s settings

To complete this, access the control panel for your printer first. After that, press the “wireless” button on the control panel. 

After you’ve accomplished this, head to the printer’s settings.

Step 2: Choose “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”

You must select the “Wi-Fi protected setup” option in this step. After you have nominated this option, follow the directions on the back of your HP printer.

Step 3. Tap the WPS PIN

In the next step, the printer will request your WPS PIN (The condition will be displayed on your printer’s screen). Simply tap the “PIN” to continue. This will result in the WPS PIN being displayed at the top of the screen.

Here is where you will see the WPS PIN for the HP printer. HP printer fully uncovered.

Note The PIN will show momentarily for roughly 90 seconds on your screen for the mainstream models before it is detached to use.

If this occurs, it’ll be vital to restart the computer to begin the formation procedure all over once more.

Follow your next step to finish the procedure.

Step 4: Access Configuration Utility

Equipped with Your WPS PIN, log in to the formation software for your printer. You may also exploit the software of your router.

When you open the configuration program, you will be asked to enter your WPS PIN to continue.

Step 5: Complete the Setup

After you have put your WPS PIN at step 4, the process should be complete for the connection setup.

Now you can install the HP driver for your printer. Go to the folder considered “HP printer” and then select “All applications”. After that, select “printer installation along with software” and choose “Connect a new printer”.

Select your printer from the list displayed and download the driver.

You are now able to make use of your printer when it is added beforehand. 


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