How to fix Undefined – OFFENDING COMMAND printer error

Have you ever originated yourself in an illustration where you were printing a PDF document; however, a supplementary page was printed, and you got the Windows 10/11 warning Undefined Offending Command suddenly seemed on your desktop?

Pro Tip: Use limited software for optimizing your PC to remove unsuitable settings, unnecessary applications, and files that are damaging, as well as security risks that could cause matters for your system or meager performance.

If so, don’t worry because we’re here to help. A lot of Windows 10/11 users have come across the same matter too. This is why we’ve organized a list of solutions you must try below. Let’s see the root of this matter before we provide them to you.

What is Undefined – OFFENDING COMMAND Error?

This Undefined Command error is most probable to happen when you print a document that’s too big or contains images that have a high resolution. To precisely this matter, you only need to reduce your document’s size or decrease the size of images. If no solution works, try the following recommendations, then try one of the proposed fixes below.

Ways to Resolve the Undefined – OFFENDING COMMAND Error on Windows 10/11

Fixing the Undefined Offending Command on Your Windows 10/11 device is modest. All you need to do is examine the solutions we’ve provided. There is no need to test each single one of them. You can review the list until you determine a solution that matches your problem.

Solution1: Check the printer drivers

Each feature and purpose of a printer can be measured by the driver. If the printer is imperfect or out of date, it is conceivable to show errors, such as Undefined Offending Command.

However, mainstream people are unaware that their printer drivers are outdated and aren’t receiving many of the new features, upgrades, and performance enhancements accessible by the more recent versions. Updating drivers for printers is OK to do. It is done manually by staying at the site of the constructer or achieved mechanically by updating your drivers using the update feature of your functioning system.

To avoid or avert printer problems, It is decisive to guarantee that you’ve got the most up-to-date driver for your printer for the Windows 10/11 computer.

This is a step-by-step leader to follow:

  • Go to Control Panel. Select Hardware and Sound.
  • Click Device Manager. This will display the hardware installed and embedded within your PC.
  • Click on your printer’s drop-down section.
  • Click Update Driver.
  • In this stage, you must choose which choice you favor, whether to look for driver updates physically or in a mechanical system. If you decide to use the automatic technique, you must install a third-party tool such as Au logics Driver Updater. In other cases, you will need to physically locate the driver that is well-matched with your printer. You can visit the website of the producer and download it there.
  • Once you have downloaded the driver installer, you can run it to varnish the setup and then update the driver for your printer.

Solution2: Clear your printer queue

There are areas when your printer is simply jumbled on the finest way to grip the long queue. This is why it will toss the Undefined Offending Command error.

To address this issue, here’s what you need to do:

  • On the Printers List, click on your printer.
  • Click on the Minus (-) button to delete it.
  • Then step, click to add.
  • Look up the printer’s name. Your printer is on the list of Printers. Then you click Add, then Add once more.
  • Choose Print Using.
  • Select the printer you want to use.
  • Your new queue of printers will be noticeable on the list of printers. It’s characteristically in idle mode.
  • Try printing the document over again.

Solution3: Disable the Advanced Printing feature

Windows 10/11 has a Progressive Printing feature, an additional feature that was part of Windows NT. If enabled, documents will be produced using the RAW format, which allows printers to read documents.

To evade any matters that may ascend from glitches with the Advanced Printing feature, restrict it using these steps:

  • Enter the search box, type in Control Panel, and Hit the Enter key.
  • Go to Devices and Printers.
  • Then you will see a collection of icons for every printer with the driver installed. An evasion printer is typically one that is obvious with a green checkmark. Right-click the icon of the printer you would like to act.
  • An additional menu is probable to open. It will give you two selections: Printer Properties and Printing Partialities.
  • Visit the Printer’s Properties tab, then the Advanced tab.
  • You must untick the Advanced printing options option. Now you should be able to print your documents without problems.

Solution4: Disable the Optimize Printing Option for PS Printers

In firm cases, it is as informal as turning off the enhanced printing option on PS printers could solve the matter, and you could try it.

To neutralize the enhanced printing option for PS printers’ option, try this:

  • Appoint the Cortana search box and type in printers. This will enable chief users to access the printer’s area of Settings.
  • Select your printer, then go to the print options segment.

  • Uncheck the Enhance printing option. PS print option.
  • With any luck, this will resolve the error code that needs to be itemized in the knowledge.

Solution 5: Restart the Print Spooler Service

A few users have successfully removed the command error simply by resuming the printer spooler. For this, you must accomplish these steps:

  • Use the Windows + R keys concurrently to open the Run window.
  • Enter services. MSc into the unfilled field of the window for Run. This will open the window for Services.
  • Scroll down the list until you can enter the Print Spooler service.

  • Right-click it, and then select Stop. By doing this, you will stop the procedures blocking your print queue.
  • Wait to stop the Services window.
  • After that, open File Explorer and pure the current printer jam. It is situated in your Windows folders.
  • All files should be erased from this folder to eliminate the mess.
  • Go back to the window for Services and then resume it. You can continue the Print Spooler service by right-clicking on it and selecting Start.

Solution6: Restart the printer

Occasionally, all your printer necessitates is restarting. If there are printing jobs that cannot be altered and need to be renewed, then a resume will eradicate them.

To turn off your printer, release it from your computer, then attach it back to the computer, and turn it around on. After that, try printing.

Restarting your computer possibly will help!

Solution7: Scan your Windows 10/11 computer

The analysis is frequently only the first step to cure. Through a scan of your system, you can find unnecessary files and speed-reducing matters that cause errors and smashes in apps.

Junk files are unsuccessful and unwanted files formed by your device or by the submissions you use. They may inhabit the space of your gadget and can disturb presentation. These files can be downloaded on any expedient that runs Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS.

To check your system for matters, use trusted computer repair software. These tools were advanced with detailed methods that license finding problems that can be secure without endangering the security of your personal evidence or other information.

Malware is also a tremendously severe matter to the Windows PC. It can cause your computer to smash and disturb internal procedures, like ones that necessitate the printing of documents.

The most mutual technique to perceive malware is to use antivirus software. However, your antivirus program may need to be accomplished to notice new malware that comes out in the market as soon as it is unconfined. This is the motive you must test your PC with other anti-malware programs from third parties.

Be conscious that frequent types of anti-malware applications are obtainable, and all function similarly. These programs are downloaded onto your PC and unceasingly look over your system for indications of malware or viruses. If they spot anything doubtful, they will inform you to eradicate it.

What’s Next?

If later trying the options above, you’re still receiving an Undefined Offending Command error, we endorse sending your computer or printer to a trusted overhaul shop for computers. The matter may not be the software itself or the hardware components.

Are you having questions concerning the above solutions? Do you have anything you’d wish to underwrite? Contact us using the comment segment.


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