Solution To Fix the Printer Spooler Service Terminated Unexpectedly on Windows 10

While Windows 10 makes it calm to print documents, you could encounter matters. One of them is that the Print Spooler keeps ending when using Windows 10.

If you’re running Windows 10, and you’re getting the fault message that says “print spooler doesn’t work” or ‘printer Spooler is stopping printing from other applications, there’s no motive to be unaccompanied. A lot of Windows users are suffering from this delinquent.

There’s a good thing: it is fixable.

This article bids several solutions to solve the printer Spooler that is continually stopping. It is incapable of printing from submissions. Follow these steps to find the greatest solution to fix the matter.

It’s a typical error in print jobs. However, the reasons for the error may fluctuate. The error may happen while setting up a brand-new printer, following the installation of an upgrade, or updating your router. In any event, you may meet this fault; here are a few ways to resolve this matter within Windows.

If your printer spooler service unexpectedly stopped, don’t worry; this article will help you be trained in the precise ways to fix this matter. In this article, we’ve listed the steps to permit your printer to function again.

What is Print Spooler in Windows 10

The printer spooler file can be a viable program. A printer can use a printer spooler to keep several print jobs in the print line, which the printer server refunds. If you don’t have it installed, you might be unable to print anything.

The print spooler handles the print jobs in the queue for printing. It also lets users eliminate the print job that is being treated.

When the printer spooler keeps going back to the opening, or the service isn’t occupied or hangs or isn’t occupied, your printer won’t be able to operate.

This is the situation that can happen. Suppose you try to print using any of the applications (Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, QuickBooks, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.). In that case, you obtain an error message telling you that you must install a printer before printing, and the printer spooler doesn’t work. Don’t concern when this happens.

All you have to do is overhaul the print spooler to endure printing.

If you don’t precisely know the print spooler, Printing documents crossways all applications or generating PDF documents could be very stimulating!

This method can help you to solve one of the issues listed below.

  • It is possible to get a “print spooler service terminated unexpectedly” error.
  • You might also notice that your printer and the Faxes window are not occupied, and there is no printer in the tilt.
  • An error message may read “no printer installed” while trying to print your package.
  • If you’re suffering one of these matters on your computer, here are the steps you must trail to help you print again.

Solution 1: Run printer troubleshooter

Before doing anything else, make sure to run the Troubleshooter. Windows 10 has a built-in Printer Troubleshooter, which can classify precisely incorrect settings and errors that may generate problems when printing.

To start the Troubleshooter:

  1. Use the Windows key + X and then choose Settings.
  2. Enter Troubleshoot into the search box, then hit Troubleshooting Options.
  3. Tick and locate the Troubleshooter for your printer, then follow the stages.
  4. Allow the procedure to find the matter that causes the printing spooler’s stoppage and then try to resolve the matter.

  1. It is recommended to restart your computer (Windows) following the process is ended.
  2. Make sure the matter is fixed.

Solution 2: Make Sure Print Spooler Service is Set to Automatic

This is also mentioned as “Check if Remote Procedure Call services are running.”

Many users have stated they have practiced remote procedure call (RPC) service could also cause difficulties in printing spoolers. It is significant to make sure that these facilities run correctly. When the printer Spooler RPC service isn’t running on auto, it won’t start when Windows commences. Your printer will not work until you physically trigger the service.

All you have to do is ensure that the print spooler program is set to run automatically upon Windows starting. You can do this by:

  1. Open the services window: Hit the Windows button + R and type” services.msc

  1. Find the Printer Spooler (Remote Procedure Call) Service on the list. Right-click on it, and choose Properties.

  1. Confirm that the Startup kind is configured to be automatic. If not, then switch it back to Automatic then click Apply OK.

  1. Find out if you can fix the Print Spooler Stopping with Windows 10 problem and if your printer works now.
  2. If not, then continue with the next process.

Solution 3: Delete Print Spooler Files

At times, the Print Spooler service will be immobile due to Print Spooler files that are deficient, pending, or tainted files. Removing your print spooler’s files can help clear any print jobs in a column or unnecessary files or fix the tainted files and resolve the matter.

To delete Print Spooler Files:

  1. Turn off the Print Spooler service: open services (Hit Windows Key + R, then enter services.msc and press Enter).

  1. In the listed Services, locate the Print Spooler service, then Stop it. (Right-click it and choose Stop).

  1. Decrease the window for Services.
  2. Open Windows File Explorers (press Windows key + E) and go to the C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS folder (you’ll need administrator freedoms to run this folder). Follow the same procedure for C:\Windows\System64\spool\PRINTERS.
  3. Click Yes (or Continue) If you are asked for administrator privileges to access PRINTERS.

  1. Eliminate all files from the folder for PRINTERS. Check that the folder has been empty.

Note: Do not delete the folder for printing itself. It is only the fillings that you must delete.

  1. Return to the Services (The windows that you closed). Start with the Print Spooler services (The one that you stopped).
  2. After you have erased these files, unplug your printers from your computer and rewire them later some time;
  3. Check if the print function is working or runs as predictable.

Solution 4: Restart the Print Spooler Service

This is a simple yet operative method. If the Print Spooler Service isn’t running or hanging, you can start your Print Spooler Services. The steps are as follows:

  1. Run Services: Press the Windows button and R, then enter services.msc and hit Enter.

  1. Find Print Spooler Service, right-click on it, and then choose Restart.

  1. Inspect if the process resolved the matter with the print spooler and if your printer is working normally.

Note: Once you have observed that the Print Spooler service is restarted, try printing an image or document to determine if your computer can forward your print jobs to the printer.

Solution 5: Uninstall Other (Unnecessary) Printers

The occurrence of numerous printers installed in your operating system (Windows 10) may cause matters with the Print Spooler or printing usually.

If Print Spooler stops working on your Windows 10 PC, you may need to eliminate all printers you don’t need or use.

  1. Click your Windows 10 start menu (Windows Key).
  2. Look for Settings and then click on it.
  3. Within your settings, Search Printers & Scanners.

  1. Select the printer you want to get rid of.

  1. After detaching all printers, you don’t want or need, turn off your computer. Then check to see whether the printer is working correctly.

Note: that this technique may only be operative if you have numerous printers on your computer. In some cases, numerous printer drivers could result in matters for Print Spooler service to keep occupied but with no results. Be sure to eliminate all printers you don’t use or don’t necessitate.

Solution 6: Uninstall and Reinstall the Printer drivers 

The printer spooler stops occupied when running Windows 10 error may also be produced because the driver for your printer isn’t updated.

You’ll have to update your driver for your printer manually or uninstall and install the driver for your printer on the website of the producer.

  1. Use the Windows Key + X and choose the Device Manager.
  2. Increase the “Printer drivers”.

  1. Right-click the printer driver and then click uninstall.
  2. Download the latest driver for your printer on Windows 10 from the producer’s website.
  1. Still on the Device Manager
  2. Expand Printer Queues.
  1. Right-click on each queue and then click to update. 
  2. Once you have updated both of them, you must resume your computer, then attach the printer and test it to see if it proposes as predictable.

Resolution 7: Scans your PC using Antimalware

Malware can cause a lot of distress in a PC, which comprises printing services.

It may crook system files or alter the registry’s standards. The potentials to produce glitches caused by malware are boundless.

We commend you for noting whether your system is displaying any error or matters, such as when the print spooler isn’t occupied, you Install a professional malware elimination program application such as Malwarebytes or any other antimalware programs.

Conduct a thorough system scan to remove any malware to address your Print Spooler Keep discontinuing problem.

Wrapping Up 

We have given you 7 solutions to help you Fix the Print Spooler Keep discontinuing on Windows 10 problems. One solution or a mixture of more than one explanation could help you. We’ve added two explanations that can help resolve the whole system’s problem – installing Windows updates and using anti-malware. 

These explanations will benefit to resolve the Print Spooler Keeps Stopping on Windows 10 Issue. 

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