Hp DeskJet 2600 First Time Setup

To set up your printer, first, take out the wrapping materials, attach your power cable, install the containers that print ink, and then supplement the paper into the tray used for input.

We have collected some basic steps on configuring an HP DeskJet 2600 printer to notice. 

1. Remove the printer from the box 

Take the printer out of the wrapping, and remove all stickers, tape, and packaging materials from the printer.

  1. Take the printer out of the box.
  2.  Eliminate all tape and other wrapping items from the outdoors confidential to the printer.
  3. Minor the tray for output, reach inside the printer, grasp the grip, and lower the entree door for the ink container to consent it to open.

  1. Take all tape and wrapping materials from the printer.

  1. Eliminate all apparatus and other items from the box before tossing your box or wrapping items.

2. Connect the power cable

Attach the printer to an electrical foundation to influence the printer.

NOTE: You should not use a USB cable at this point. The linking to your computer is made when you install the software.

  1. Assign the power cable to the back of the printer. Then plug the conflicting end of the cord into a vent.

  1. Use the Power button on the keyboard to shift to the printhead. The bearing will transfer toward the center of the printer.
  2. Make sure that the printer is idle and soundless before happening.
  3. Install the cartridges for ink 

up your HP ink containers, which came in the package with the printer.

  1. Take one of the containers from its wrapping. Make sure you only contact the black plastic of the container.

  1. Take off the tape made of plastic.

CAUTION: Don’t interact with the copper-colored contacts and the ink-jet spouts. Don’t substitute the defensive tape that shelters the contacts. Dealing with these parts could result in clogs, ink leaks, or evil electrical associates.

  1. Keep the container in place by its sides, with its contacts towards the printer, place the container in its slot, and slowly push down the cartridge to guarantee it locks into the situation.

Note: Install the color ink cartridge to the left and the black container to the left.

  1. Repeat these steps for the installment of the second container of ink.
  2. Close the entree to the ink cartridge door, and stop the opening tray.

4. Insert paper into the tray that is used for input

Input plain U.S. letters or A4 paper into the input tray following the connection of the containers with ink.

  1. Lift the tray to the top.

  1. Transfer the guide for paper width to the left.

  1. Place an uncategorized stack of papers into the platter for input.

  1. The paper width director should be stirred to the left until it spreads the paper’s advantage.

  1. Decrease the tray that is used for output and then eliminate the extender tray.

5 Install the software for printing

It is now time to attach your HP printing hardware in place, and you can install the software for printing. Don’t try to connect your printing device to a PC until you are trained to do so by the software for printing.

Note: For print excellence resolutions printing, the printer will print an arrangement page when five pages have been printed. Follow the instructions on the page for the arrangement to varnish the placement of the ink container.

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