How to Connect Canon ts3122 Printer to Wi-Fi on Windows |Mac|Iphone

Are you facing complications connecting your Canon Pixma ts3122 printer to Wi-Fi? Most of the time, each new user is faced with this problem.

The Canon Ts3122 printer is the highest choice for nearly every person, thanks to its incomparable printing quality and accuracy. The printers can accomplish your wireless printing necessities at work and home. You can also exploit a laptop, computer, iPhone, iPad, and other intelligent diplomacies to print files utilizing a wireless connection.

But many users may encounter unpredicted matters when influencing their printers over Wi-Fi. This problem has no precise motive; however, it can happen to any user.

In most cases, you’ll need to generate an internet connection to attach to Wi-Fi and enjoy wireless printing.

But how to set up the printer wirelessly?

This article will show you how to connect Canon’s Ts3122 printer with Wi-Fi step-by-step.

Protruding features in the form of Start Canon ts3122 Printer. We all know that millions across the globe love Canon Ts3122. What is the reason the canon printers are so in demand?

Let’s look at the decorated highlights from this Canon Pixma ts3122 printer that differentiates it from other printers today.

Compatible Ink XL Cartridges

The printer can exploit elective XL ink cartridges. This means you can print high-quality prints in enormous amounts at any time you need. Additionally, you don’t have to substitute containers often, which will save you a significant amount of cash.

Paper Compatibility

Canon ts3122 printers can print effortlessly on approximately all kinds of pages, such as:

  • Basic paper
  • High-resolution papers
  • Silky paper
  • Photo Paper

Systems Compatibility

The Canon TS3122 is well-matched with Windows as well as Mac. You can print from your PC and Mac using the printer’s simple Wireless Attach feature.

How do I configure Wireless Canon Pixma ts3122?

Before you can do anything else, you must finish the wireless formation of the printer on your PC or Mac. First, eliminate the printer from the box and turn it on. When it’s swapped on, the LED is ignited.

You must attach the driver installation disc that came with the device to your computer before proceeding. If you didn’t get the driver’s CD with the device, you could download the driver software on Canon’s official site.

After installing the software, tap “setting-up” and then “setup hyperlink” and enter the printer’s name.

Follow the steps below to finish the printer configuration:

  1. Tap on the “connect the printer to your Windows PC option.”  
  2. Next, choose the country of your residence.
  3. On the following page, you’ll find an extensive listing of circumstances and terms. Click the “Agree” button, and you will be able to receive them.
  4. If you are running security software on your computer, A discourse box will pop up on the screen and ask you to restrict this feature. Select the checkbox and then continue to the next.
  5. In the following step, you can see the wireless software window. Select the “Yes” choice to join the network.
  6. Now you can imagine the driver activating the installation. It could take a while to be accomplished.

After you’ve finished the Canon ts3122 wireless configuration, it is now conceivable to connect the printer to wireless or strengthened devices to print your documents.

How do I connect My Canon Ts3122 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Once we’ve recognized the wireless canon Ts3122 printer, it’s time to study how to connect it to the internet on different devices, such as Windows and Mac.

on Windows

We will first deliberate the steps for connecting printers from Canon to Wi-Fi via the Widows. Be sure to trail the steps below precisely:

  1. The first step is to turn off your Canon Pixma ts3122 printer. Make sure the green light at the front of your device is on.
  2. Press the “Stop” button on the printer, making it vanish.
  3. Once the light finishes winking, then press then hold down the “direct” button of the printer for a couple of minutes.
  4. Tapping the “direct” button will instantly put your printer wireless. In addition, you’ll see an icon blinking wireless on the small numerical display on the printer.

Installing Canon Drivers

  1. Following that, you must connect the driver to Windows 10. As specified overhead, you can download the driver software using the CD that installs printer drivers, as well as download the driver from Canon’s official website of Canon.
  2. Now start and then click “setup” and type in the name of your printer. In this stage, you must enter the computer’s name and that you’re running the driver in the opening.
  3. Moving on, clicking the “connect the printer to the Windows PC” option is indispensable to surface the process.
  4. In the next window, you must click “download” to start installing the driver. Then, wait until the drivers have been connected. The whole procedure can take longer.
  5. Once your download has been accomplished, open the file in your download folder to endure.
  6. Now begin the procedure and then wait for it to finish. After installation, indicate the country you live in and endure.
  7. In the following window, you will find the terms and conditions available. Take the time to read them and then click the “Accept” button to remain.
  8. Now, a window will pop up showing wireless applications. Now, click “yes” to produce the wireless network connection.
  9. On the next page, you’ll be asked to choose a Wi-Fi network. Search for your Wi-Fi device.
  10. Moving to the next step, enter your network’s password and then choose the next.
  11. You have installed your Canon ts3122 printer on your PC with Wi-Fi settings. So, you are now able to begin printing your documents wirelessly.

For Mac

The primary steps to connect the IJ Start Canon Ts3122 printer to WIFI on Mac are indistinguishable from those on Windows.

Complete the first 7 steps clarified above for Windows. Follow the steps below to connect the Canon printer to WIFI:

  1. Several warning messages are displayed on your screen when installing the Canon Ts3122 driver on your Mac. But you should discount them all. You can click “Agree” and then download to continue.
  2. After the download, open and launch the file on Mac to start installing the program.
  3. Here you’ll have to input the security code for the printer from Canon.
  4. After entering the username and password, click “Start Helper” and wait a few minutes for the installation to surface.
  5. After installation, a window will appear on the screen with “terms and conditions” be sure to review them thoroughly and click “agree” to continue.
  6. Now find your network, and then enter the password.
  7. Finally, press the “next” to let the setup finish.

Thank you. We are satisfied to proclaim that the Canon ts3122 setup for wireless on your Mac has been effectively accomplished. With a high-quality wireless internet connection, you can now make a custom printer to meet your printing supplies.

on iPhone

Like Windows and Mac Similar to Mac and Windows, connecting the Canon ts3122 printer with WIFI on iPhone is calm.

Shadow these steps to start printing with the Canon Pixma ts3122 wireless setup on Mac.

  1. Power on the printer and connect it to your LAN.
  2. Now press the software from Canon.
  3. Next, you need to tap the “Operation” icon. It will show the menu options.
  4. Then click on “print” in the menu.
  5. Here is where you’ll find “Printer alternatives” Be sure to choose “printer” Additionally, you can easily alter the printer settings by clicking on “printer options.”
  6. Moving ahead, you can select everyday things such as the number of copies, range, etc.
  7. Then, you can click “print” again, and the printer will begin printing in agreement with the setting and directions.

How to Setup Canon Pixma ts3122 Wireless Via WPS Button?

In addition to WIFI and ethernet, you can attach your IJ Start Canon printer to a device using a WPS switch. The setup process for ts3122 is simple and quick to carry out.

  1. First, guarantee that your Canon Ts3122 printer is running.
  2. You will see the green light blinking on the right side of your printer. Hit the “stop” button on the device.
  3. Once the light becomes steady, press the network button on the printer.
  4. Now characteristically, the wireless icon will seem on the printer’s screen.
  5. Once it is shown, head on to the wireless connection and press the WPS button on the top.
  6. You must press the button and keep it for about 5 minutes.
  7. After numerous minutes after that, the button WPS on the router’s wireless will begin to wink the light.
  8. Next, return to IJ to start the Canon printer to check whether the screen displays the wireless icon. It’s a symbol of the printer’s connection to Wi-Fi.
  9. In total, the following steps for connecting the driver(s) on your PC typically match those described previously.

In all, the whole procedure of wireless Canon ts3122 setup only takes just a few minutes. However, attaching the printer you have started to Wi-Fi is informal.

The Last Words

Canon Pixma ts3122 printers are up-to-date technologies that make printing modest and super cool for users. Ultimately, you can get high-quality prints at work and at home. But first, you need to perform a ts3122 installation using the proper process.

You could ascribe two approaches to attaching your Canon Printer to wireless connectivity, i.e., through the direct technique or via the WPS button on your router.

If you’re a first-time user, make sure you go through the instruction in the manual comprising the strategies. Furthermore, you should follow the commands above to stimulate the ts3122 setup and attach it to the WIFI using a Windows computer or Mac.


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