Lexmark B2236DW is a good printer 2023|Errors Fixed

The Lexmark B2236DW Printer can print text at a reckless and precise rate and do similar with graphics and photos. Remember that this is an undistinctive printer so everything will be in black and white. Contempt this, we still make it one of the most significant printers due to its eccentric output eminence.

Why We Like It – Lexmark B2236DW

The Lexmark B2236DW is a single-function monochrome laser printer that can provide small office or light home use without glitches. Featuring a 36ppm print speed and eccentric text output eminence, the Lexmark B2236DW is prepared to grip any business application. 


  • Countless Graphics Print Speed
  • Outstanding Photo and Graphics Output
  • Supports Two-Sided Printing


  • High Running Charges
  • Connectivity Features Are a Bit Negligeable

Lexmark B2236DW Qualities 

Here are all the excellent and outstanding qualities Lexmark has:

Lexmark B2236DW Speed

Lexmark B2236DW Monochrome Laser Printers are esteemed at 36ppm, similar to the Brother HL-L2730DW and the Brother MFC-L2750DW. But where the Lexmark B2236DW polishes are mixing out color and graphics pages. Here, the Lexmark B2236DW produces an amazing 16.7ppm. The OKI Data 62439301 C711wt is an additional quick selection at 33ppm color but has actual high-power ingesting at upwards of 1300 watts during the process.

Lexmark B2236DW Print Quality

Lexmark B2236DW Monochrome Output Laser Printers harvest excellent-looking text, well-shaped and readable, down to the minimum font sizes. The HP LaserJet Pro M15w accomplished the same. Grayscale graphics looked decent as well, with no noticeable banding. Photos also look respectable, much the way they do with the Canon image Class MF424dw, and can be used for any business application without much concern.

Lexmark B2236DW Efficiency

If you contribute to Lexmark’s toner cartridge return program and use their high-yield container, your price per page should be around 2.7 cents. You’ll have to substitute the imaging drum every 12,000 pages; when you do, the running cost will increase to 3.4 cents a page. If you want to save on Running prices, check out the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw.

Lexmark B2236DW Advanced Features

Connectivity features are straightforward. You get typical Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. For mobile connectivity and printing, you get Apple AirPrint, Mopria, and Lexmark’s Mobile Print App, which lets you attach your phone to your printer via LAN. For security, you can set up connectivity limitations and allocate PINs to tender documents. While straightforward, these security features are relatively healthy for an entry-level printer. And if you are worrying about printing, we have countless articles on how to deal with specific problems, like printers not printing jpg or jpeg files, and many more issues to fix.

Lexmark B2236DW Value

The Lexmark B2236DW supports duplex printing, which is always somewhat welcome, seeing that only a few printers provide it. And when you syndicate it with the 250-sheet plain paper tray, it suddenly seems like you have 500 sheets of paper at your discarding. The control panel is sparse, containing only a navigation wheel and a small monochrome display, but you can arrange everything you need to with the built-in web server.

Lexmark B2236DW Errors to fix 

The printer is not printing; the Error Message “Document Failed to Print.”

Quick Fix

One of the most mutual Lexmark printers’ matters is that the printer is not answering print requests. If your printer is not printing, this glitch may have diverse motives, such as communication disappointment or print failure. You may obtain the error message “Document Failed to Print,” “Communication Not Obtainable,” or no error message.

To troubleshoot the issue, try these steps:

  • Ensure your computer and your Lexmark printer are linked to your network.
  • Resume your printer. In some cases, a simple restart can fix the matter.
  • Unblock the printer and crisscross if any paper is stuck in the machine and if the toner is installed appropriately. If all seems fine, leave the printer detached for half a minute, then rewire it and restart the print job.
  • Another technique is to uninstall and reinstall the printer on your computer. This helps regenerate the connection between your devices and may resolve the tricky.
  • Update your Lexmark printer drivers, and check if your printer is set up correctly.

If your Lexmark printer is not printing for additional motive, you may find the answer you are looking for in the Lexmark support manual.

“Error 200” or “Error 200.xx” or “Paper Jam”

Quick fix

Error 200 is a very mutual error message with Lexmark printers. All 200.xx errors designate a paper jam at the front of your Lexmark printer. Occasionally, the error message also says “Paper Jam,” “Paper jammed under the toner cartridge,” or “Paper is jammed in the front of the printer.”

To get freed of error 200, you need to eliminate any paper stuck in the printer by following these informal steps: Open the upper front cover of your Lexmark printer and eliminate the toner cartridge. Now prudently eradicate the paper from the inside of the printer. Then reinstall the toner and close the front cover.

Wrapping Up

It’s disgrace laser printers still have such high running costs. With Inkjet gradually being able to harvest text at laser printer levels, corporations must find a way to familiarize themselves. Still, regarding the Lexmark B2236DW, running costs can continue low if you are printing less and only using it for light office or home office submissions.

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