8 Solutions How to Fix HP Printer Won’t Print JPG or JPEG Files

Printing the JPEG or JPG file is modest, but frequently it’s a problem when your printer isn’t letting you print. There are many thinkable motives because your printer isn’t able to print a JPEG or JPG file but don’t worry, and there are a few simple choices you can use to make it work.

Printers can sustain various file formats, including image formats like Jpegs and jpg. However, certain users have disapproved that their printers no longer print JPEG files.

This is a common matter and could be caused by various motives, such as an unsuitable printing boundary. This problem is only encountered when a user tries to print a jpg or jpeg file.

Why can’t my printer print JPG and JPEGs?

Solution 1: Download all updates to your system

Sometimes printing difficulties may happen when firm system updates aren’t connected. For occurrence, some users described suffering matters with printing before installation KB5001649.

This update might not be openly listed in the Update and Security section (both essential or optional upgrades).

If you use a 64-bit PC, try this hyperlink to pledge an upgrade. You can use Edge instead of Chrome to make or admit diverse settings.

Ensure to resume your device once the installation procedure has been accomplished to guarantee that your system can install the latest updates. After that, print the documents. Try jpeg, and see whether the problem has been determined.

Printing from the Paint application

  1. Open File Explorer and circumnavigate to the folder where the image you’d like to print is situated.
  2. Right-click on the image and select “To open with”.
  3. From the list of applications, Select MS Paint application.
  4. In the Paint application, choose “File” and select “Seal”.

  1. Make sure you check the print settings, then click on the “print.
  2. Your printer will now print the file with no issues. Jpegs.
  3. You may have detected this isn’t an answer, but slightly it is a solution. If you have immediately made copies or just need to make a few copies, this could work until you can find a lasting solution.

Solution 2: Set the Printer

  1. The Printer should be twisted on If it’s off.
  2. Make sure that the Printer stops working before happening.
  3. When the Printer is happening, switch off power sources, and separate them from the opening on the wall and the Printer.
  4. After a short time after that, plug the power string back into your wall socket.
  5. Attach the power cord for the Printer.
  6. The Printer should be turned on, and then wait for the warm-up phase to begin.
  7. Check for any variations.

If the problem continues, Follow these steps:

  1. Press the keys Windows + R to start Run.
  2. Switch and choose OK to expose the Control Panel.
  3. Go to “Programs > Programs and Features.
  4. Select your HP printer and then click “Delete”.
  5. Then follow the next set of steps.

Removing Printers from Windows

  1. Input the printing devices into the search box and tick “Printers and Scanners.
  2. In the segment Printers and Scanners, choose your printer, then select the option to eliminate it.

  1. If you are asked to authorize your identity If you are asked to approve, click Yes. Halt your Printer & Scanner window.
  2. Hit the Windows keys + R to start Run.
  3. Enter printui.exe /s and click OK to open the properties of the print server.
  4. Snap on the tab Drivers.

  1. Find the Printer in question and choose the “Delete” button. Click Yes when asked to authorize. Close the Properties window.
  2. Reboot your computer. Then, you have to go to the certified site for your printer. There, you can download the most current software for your printer, install it, and inspect for improvements.

Tell us if any of these solutions resolved the matter. If you have other proposals, please submit them to our comments.

Solution 3: Reinstall your printer

If you’re installing a new printer, you’ll have to download the driver to the computer before installing it. However, you may necessitate reinstalling the driver when it’s lost in the procedure of being deleted from your device or is injured.

Here is how you can reinstall your printer:

  1. First, go to HP Support Downloads for Drivers and Software.
  2. It would be best if you typed in your printer’s name in the search bar, where you’ll be able to find it on the outside of the Printer’s shell.

  1. Then next, tick Enter.
  2. You may have a variation of driver selections to pick from; however, you must download the driver that you think is essential.
  3. The most vital driver choice will be first on your list.
  4. Once you’ve downloaded the printer software, you will need to download the file, and then you will be provided with instructions on installing it step-by-step.

Solution 4: Remove the Printer

If this procedure doesn’t work, then you should remove the Printer. Follow the steps underneath for how to Eradicate the Printer.

  1. You have to type “Printers” in the search bar. Then, choose Printers and Scanners.

  1. Under the Printers and Scanners 2 section, click on the Printer, and then select Remove device.

  1. If you are asked to approve, you have to click Yes.
  2. Then, close the Scanner and Printer Window. Scanner Window.
  3. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialogue box.
  4. Then, start typing print.exe/s and then click OK for The Printer Server Properties.

  1. Tick on the Drivers Tab.
  2. Here, you must detect the problem printer and click the eliminate button.

  1. Click Next If it asks you to approve. Close The Properties Window.
  2. Next, reboot the computer; when you’ve completed the restarting procedure, go to your printer’s official website. Download the most existing version of the printer software. Then, install it.
  3. Review the results. If it is occupied, then the matter has been determined. If it doesn’t, then you must endure taking the next step.

Solution 5: Check the Printer Connection

The first thing you must inspect is to regulate if it is associated with your device or computer. Check that your device and your printer are devoted to the same precise network. If your printer seems connected, but it isn’t printing, try resuming both your Printer and your computer.

Solution 6: Convert File Format

If your printer is still incapable of printing, you could deliberately convert your JPEG or JPG document to a file format that’s well-matched with the Printer you use. For example, you can try to change your JPEG or JPG file into a PDF format. Frequent online tools can support this procedure for occurrence, such as smallpdf.com and zamzar.com.

Solution 7: Use a Different Program

Another option is to use a diverse application that prints your JPEG or JPG file. For occurrence, you could test using a diverse viewer like IrfanView and GIMP for opening and printing your JPEG file. These programs come with precise printing competencies; in some cases, they can bypass any boundaries on your printer.

Solution 8: Print through a Different Device

If that doesn’t work, if all else fails, try printing your JPEG or JPG file on an alternative device, like a tablet or smartphone. A lot of tablets and smartphones can attach to printers wirelessly. So, you can send your image to the Printer to print it.


These are just a few easy explanations to try to print the JPEG or JPG file. If you follow these steps, you can resolve the problem and have your document printed. Be attentive that printing the JPEG or JPG file is an easy procedure, and if you’re having difficulties, try these solutions and have your file printed effortlessly.

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