Install Xerox Printer Driver on Mac

If you recently bought the Xerox printer and requested to use it on your Mac, You will have to set up the Xerox printer driver on your Mac. The driver installation is laidback, and in this guide, we’ll offer step-by-step instructions for installing the Xerox driver for printers on your Mac.

How to Download Xerox Printer Driver on Mac

Xerox Printers is one of the top and most dependable printing businesses that make printers, photocopiers, devices, and various electronic gadgets. It’s well-known because of its excellence and the longtime of its products and is a recognized market leader. The maximum compensations of Xerox printers are their print eminence, exclusive style, and a range of sizes to suit the client’s partialities. However, users sometimes face difficulties when working with Xerox initially, chiefly since new users are continually unsure of what to do when installing the Xerox driver for their Printer on the Mac.

Installing printing apparatus is not a big issue and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge or widespread knowledge of the domain. There are insufficient details that need to be measured previous to installing the Printer. There are some glitches that a user may encounter in the installation procedure, for example, such as validating the product key, the software isn’t well-matched with drivers, or the programs that are part of the functioning system aren’t properly arranged.

Due to the variation of Mac designs and versions of functioning systems that are obtainable on campus, it’s suggested to download the most existing driver for your Printer from the Xerox website. Find out if the operating system on your Mac is functioning before beginning.

  • Visit
  • Enter the model number of your printer into the search box (e.g., AltaLink C8055) and then broaden your search
  • Choose the “Drivers and Downloads” tab
  • If required, narrow your search by clicking the model you want to use in the “Product/Model” box

  • Pick the search result starting with “Drivers and Downloads.”

  • Click on the “Platform” tab and select the operating system of your Mac.
  • In the “Digital Front End” section, choose “Built-in Controller.”

  • Choose the most present “macOS Print and Scan Driver Installer” to download

Installing the Xerox Printer Driver

  • Double-click the download Xerox Drivers.dmg installation file, then open the Xerox Drivers.pkg file.
  • Click Continue to progress into the installer wizard.
  • Follow the prompts and click “Agree” to the terms and “Install.”
  • If you’re asked, enter the password for your computer.
  • During the installation, the installer will explore printers. While trying to find them, it will choose “Don’t See Your Printer?”
  • In the Address field, enter the (example: The printer reyn-303-xrx would be entered as If you’re uncertain of the Printer’s name, the name is printed on the Printer close to the display.

It should be possible to see the names of the Printer, their model name, and IP address in the box below the address field after the installer discovers the Printer.

You can also add the Printer by IP address in its place of If you need an IP address for the Printer, contact the ITG of your department’s ITG or the Service Desk.

  • Simply click “Continue” to finish the installation.
  • If the Xerox printer you’re connecting necessitates an accounting Code or Printer Code, follow these steps to set up Xerox Accounts for Printers on Mac OS X.

Common Issues and Solutions

Sometimes, you’ll run into problems when installing the Xerox driver for your Printer for your Mac. Here are some of the most common problems and solutions:

1. The downloaded driver is not compatible with your Mac

Solution: Ensure you’ve selected the right operating system when downloading the driver on the Xerox website. If you’ve installed the incorrect driver, uninstall it and then download the right one.

2. The Installation Process Fails

Solution: Check to see if you have the agreement for installing software onto your Mac. If not, log in as an administrator and try the installation procedure again.

3. Your Mac does not recognize the Printer

Solution: Confirm the connections between your Printer and your Mac. Ensure your Printer has switched off and linked to the same wireless network as your Mac. If the matter continues, you can restart your Mac and the Printer.


Installing the Xerox driver for your Printer to your Mac is easy. Following the steps in this post, you’ll be able to smoothly set up the driver to begin using your Xerox printer on your Mac. If you encounter difficulties, check out the explanations in the common glitches section. We hope this guide can help you install the Xerox driver for printers on Mac.

There are times when users face problems with installation when using the driver using CDs. There are other approaches for the installation of drivers. For more information or to receive the most well-organized support for installing Xerox printers on a Mac without CDs, you can call their customer care number to get help. The support staff will ensure you obtain precise instructions to resolve the problem comfortably and rapidly.

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