Disabling Printing in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is a cross-stage web browser familiar with Microsoft Windows 10. This was made to substitute the older Internet Explorer web browser for Windows operating systems. The printing feature is accessible in the utmost of the applications in Windows. Microsoft Edge allows users to print web pages, PDF files, or other content. However, some … Read more

How to fix Canon 5B00 error 2023

The Canon printer blinks seven times, showing a Maintained Code: 5B00 error. What can I do to resolve this matter? This article will deliver three different strategies to fix the error 5B00 message for multifunction and consistent Canon printers. What is Canon error message 5B00 stand for? It means that the counter for waste ink and that you … Read more

Canon 5b00 error code reset (Updated)

how to resolve a 5B00 error that happens on the Canon printer. A matter within the printer could be measured typically when your printer is executing hard work. Printer matters are unavoidable when your printer is being used. But you need to be anxious about the matters, as there’s an option to precise the matter. … Read more