Canon 5b00 error code reset (Updated)

how to resolve a 5B00 error that happens on the Canon printer. A matter within the printer could be measured typically when your printer is executing hard work. Printer matters are unavoidable when your printer is being used. But you need to be anxious about the matters, as there’s an option to precise the matter. This week, we will be deliberating on how to fix an error code 5b00 that appears on a Canon printer. The error 5b00 cannot be forecast when it occurs when my friend prints and, sometimes, when the printer is started initially. A 5B00 Error in the Canon printer occurred because the parallel of the main board for this printer had been flattened and required the printer to be reset to guarantee that the counter was rearranged to zero.

How do I Reset Canon Printer with Error 5b00

This issue is prevalent in all kinds and models of printers, including Canon, Epson, HP, etc. But the error code 5b00 usually occurs in most Canon printers, counting PIXMA MP, PIXMA G, PIXMA MP, PIXMA Ip, and another sequence. If you obtain an error message comparable to this one, the printer won’t work. Alongside this, the indicator light for your printer will go out (wink) at regular intermissions. It’s okay to overcome this by using a software resister related to this Canon printer. We can also call this by flashing the printer’s bios to make printing unbearable. The steps underneath will help you through the reset method:

  • Get the Canon Resetter conferring to your printer’s series.
  • Install the printer in service mode.
  • Make sure that the power cable is associated with the electricity.
  • Press the power and resume buttons concurrently, then release the resume while holding the power button and press five times.
  • The procedure is accomplished by instantaneously discharging the power and resume buttons.

When you range this point, you will receive a poster that your printer is now in service mode, usually designated by the documentation of a brand-new device on the system. Then, you need to start the resetter software to resolve the error 5b00 that you downloaded formerly in agreement with the stipulations of your Canon printer model.

The menu will be a pure menu for the ink counter absorber. This menu determines to remove all the data from your complete counter for your printer. On the right-hand side, there is a menu set. Then select the EEPROM menu. It is resetting your printer. If you need clarification about what to do, the reset course works for Canon printers to correct error 5b00. We’ll walk you through each step:

  • Make 2 sheets of paper for the feed for the printer’s paper.
  • Double-click on the Resetter software, then select the “MAIN” button. Typically, when you click “MAIN,” after clicking the “MAIN” button, the printing printer prints one sheet with “D=000.0” and “D=000.0”.
  • After that, you can then click on the “EEPROM Clear” button.
  • Click on the “EEPROM” button. In this way, the printer will harvest the Resetter. Then, check the output of the printing procedure to regulate if there’s a term “TPAGE (TTL=00000)”.
  • Turn off the printer before turning it back on.

After restarting the printer, the error 5b00 does not come back, but should the error message show up again, you may try to tenacity the error 5b00 with a printer reset with no software. You can follow the directions below:

How to Reset a Canon Printer Without Software

To reset your printer without software, your printer has to be at a halt.

Press the button underneath the power and the restart button, and press them for a few seconds.

  • Then, press the Power button, which is green, and press it over, so both the continue and power buttons are in your hands.
  • After that, issue the button with resuming, which is orange.
  • Then, after that, press the restart button, which is red, six times until the last button is detained.
  • If you’ve gone through all restart and power buttons simultaneously.

There is a variability of ways to go, contingent on your Canon printer series. You might also reflect on the following methods to use those in the PIXMA MG series and also for other popular series.

  • Shut off the printing.
  • Press the Stop/Reset and press the Power/On key.
  • Press the stop/reset key (the Power/On button is pressed).
  • Release and press the Stop/Reset button five times.

Hold the Stop/Reset button for a few seconds, then release the Stop/Reset and Power/On buttons.

Replace spare parts on the mainboard.

If the reset of your printer flops, you can try to dose the error 5B00 by swapping Eeprom IC spare parts.

The IC EEPROM can be labeled as an extra constituent in the mainboard. The EEPROM IC can count the number of printer activities and regulate the maximum number of points allowable by the printer. If the printing activity is over the boundary, the error message 5B00 means it is time to swap the Eeprom IC that wants to be substituted by a new one.

The author’s knowledge has been confirmed to be operative. But should the above two steps have been attempted; the results could have been more effective in fixing your printer. Send your printer to the nearby overhaul center to decline the chance of reparations. The informal way to reset the Canon Printer is to fix the error code 5b00. Hopefully, the printer is occupied and can function without any glitches.


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