6 Steps to Fix Printer Configuration 0x80070077 Problems for Windows 11/10

Printers are among the most operative electronic devices at schools, offices, and homes. It is a countless tool for quickly printing pages for websites, PDF files, images, and more. The progressions in technology have relieved the printing procedure significantly. Today, there is no obligation to save documents or pages to print. Right-click on the anticipated page and choose Print. Print option. This will direct the page to the printer to print. However, some Microsoft Edge users have informed the matter 0x80070077. This article will deliver submissions on ways to fix the matter with the printer Confirmation error 0x80070077 for Windows. 

Lately, in Windows 11, some users have been compelled with an error message that their printer encountered an unexpected formation issue when trying to print a document. It happens when their printers are powerless to print anything, and they obtain an error message with the error code 0x80070077. There also have been occurrences where the error code was dissimilar, but the error message was the same.  Here we have solutions for the (0x80070077) error.

Your printer has encountered an unexpected problem with configuration, resulting in the error number (0x80070077)

It is essential to recollect that other browsers, such as Chrome or Opera, aren’t the cause of this error. Additionally, the error only happens when a user tries to print PDF files. The entrance of the mistake can disturb printers. This means that it isn’t published.

What is the reason for error 0X8007007e in Windows?

There are a variety of motives that can cause the attendance of the error 0X8007007e in Windows. The most mutual cause is an unresolved matter between the Windows operating system and the driver for the printer. This error may occur if the operating system isn’t up-to-date, but the printer driver is in the same way. Updating Windows without doing the same thing for the printer driver could cause this matter.

The error 0X8007007e can be seen on Windows when you try to connect to an outside printer. Different DLL versions can cause the appearance of a mistake message on your computer’s screen. If your computer runs a 64-bit version, but your printer runs on a 32-bit version, the error code 0X8007007e could happen. Other causes can activate the Printer Configuration Matter 0x80070077 in Windows. This contains corrupted system driver files, injured printer drivers, viruses, and the nonappearance of PrintConfig.dll files.

What’s an unexpected configuration issue?

Old or unethical drivers usually cause the printer’s fault. Some users also said that their spooler drivers caused the matter.

There are diverse differences in an error message, all having a different error code. Here are a few examples of these:

  1. 0x80070002 Your printer had an unexpected configuration error – An issue that is common that is come across by a lot of users.
  2. 0x80070570, the printer has encountered an unexpected configuration issue -The error code and the error message help to regulate the reason.
  3. 0x80040003, the printer you are using, has encountered an unexpected configuration issue. Updating the driver can help resolve the matter.
  4. 0x8007000d, your printer had a surprising problem with its formation (or a problem with the configuration). One of the frequent error codes, however, our solutions can relieve.
  5. 0x800705b4, the printer you are using could not resolve an unexpected configuration error -If you are opposed to the error, you can try your built-in troubleshooter to start.
  6. 0x8007007e, the printer has encountered an unexpected configuration error The solution is Clearing your spool directory could resolve the issue.
  7. 0x80004005, your printer had an unexpected problem with its configuration. This is another Error code that frequently is a source of concern for users.
  8. 0x800706ba, the printer you are using, is experiencing an unexpected problem with its configuration – It could be due to DLL files being a liability. We have an answer.

Fix the printer configuration 0x80070077 for Windows 11/10 with 5 Steps

There are many possibilities to solve the issue. Check to see whether it’s solved after you’ve tried each solution.

  1. Run Printer Troubleshooter
  2. Share Printers on the Network
  3. Replace PrintConfig.dll File
  4. Update the most recent firmware for your printer
  5. Install the latest version of Windows 10
  6. Eliminate the Print Spooler’s Junk Files

Some of these may require admin approval.

  1. Run printer Troubleshooter

Operating the printer troubleshooter is an eccentric solution to the matter with the configuration of the printer 0x80070077 in Windows. The Printer Troubleshooter inspects the issue and regulates if any keys are achievable. After identifying the problem, the troubleshooter proposes an answer.

 printer configuration 0x80070077 for Windows

  • Open Run Prompt using Win + R
  • Type MS-settings: Troubleshoot and enter to open the Troubleshoot settings
  • Click on the Other Troubleshooter and select the printer on the left.
  • Click the Run button next to the printer.
  • The user will be asked to indicate which printer is triggering the problem.
  • Once you have done this, the troubleshooter will look for a possible matter.
  • After completion, it will automatically apply the fixes, or you have to select Apply this fix only if Windows delivers a solution to the issue.
  • The tab should be closed. Confirm whether the matter has been fixed by restarting the computer.

2. Share Printers on the Network

Another method you can take to fix the error 0x80070077 is to make sure that the printer can be shared. Sometimes shared printers are not reachable, and the only solution is to share them again over the network. The system may also show that the printer is reachable, but it’s due to the supply on the network, and the printer can print.

Fix the printer configuration 0x80070077 for Windows 11/10 with 5 Steps

  • Open Windows Settings using Win + I
  • Go to Bluetooth and Devices > Printers and Scanners
  • Choose the printer that is undergoing issues.
  • Click on the Printer properties tab to open more advanced options.
  • On the tab Sharing, select the Share this Printing Printer option.
  • Create a new name, choose to apply, and then click OK.

Note: If your printer was previously in shared mode, you can uncheck the box, make the changes, then reconnect it. Check whether the fault has been fixed by printing something.

3. Replace PrintConfig.dll File

PrintConfig.dll stands for Print Configuration User Interface. The DLL can be used to regulate the settings to print, like size, variety, and scale, as well as any other settings the printer can bid. If the DLL is corrupt or misplaced, it will cause difficulties. DLL could cause the Print to be disturbed.

6 Steps to Fix Printer Configuration 0x80070077 Problems for Windows 11

As we’re substituting the DLL and swapping the DLL, we must operate a similar system so that this error doesn’t happen. When you’re convinced that you are not getting this fault, keep the USB drive in your pocket and then follow these instructions on a diverse computer:

  • Choose Windows and R keys instantaneously to start the Run dialog box.
  • Spool and hit Enter.
  • Twitch your driver directory and look for folder x64.
  • Look, you can find the DLL file. If you have distress finding the file, you can type printconfig into the search box.
  • Double-click printconfig.dll and open its file directory
  • Handover the file to the USB drive
  • Connect the USB to the computer in which you have the matter.
  • Go back to the printer drivers and then locate the folder x64. Copy the directory and copy printconfig.dil in the folder.

Please restart the computer and check whether the error persists or it does not. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue.

The Printer Configuration issue 0x80070077 on Windows is a problem, particularly when you need to print documents. Look over the proposals listed below and try them to regulate whether the error has been determined. If they need to work, you should refer them to a professional.

4. Update the most recent firmware for your printer.

Brands such as Canon, HP, or Epson commonly release new firmware varieties for printers that comprise product improvements or fixes for matters. There may be updates through your control panel for your printer. Make sure to update the firmware of your printer and the on-screen applications to guarantee you get the best from your printer.

5. Install the latest version of Windows 10

Choose the settings option and then select Windows Update and download. Install the latest software on your computer.

6 Steps to Fix Printer Configuration 0x80070077 Problems for Windows 11/10

6. Eliminate the Print Spooler’s Junk Files

Eliminating these print spooler junk files will solve the unforeseen issue of forming all kinds of printers.

  • Press the Windows Key + R to start Run.
  • Type system32\spool\printers and hit enter.
  • Open the folder for printers. Select all files within the folder, and delete them.
  • Reverse the way you came from Windows Key + R to open the service and press services. MSC and press enter to launch the Service.
  • In the intervening time, In the Services option, Select Printer Spooler service.
  • Right-click on the Print Spooler service and select Properties.
  • Restart Print Spooler services.
  • Select the Services window and then restart your computer. After restarting, you can check If the printer’s unpredicted configuration error 0x8007007e is solved. 

How do I update my Printer Driver?

The most incredible method of updating your printer Driver can be to download it through the OEM website and install it. Although Windows delivers it through Windows Update (Optional Updates), the procedure can sometimes take too long. Therefore, downloading it straight from the Printer website is the best way.

How to Repair Broken System Data?

There are many procedures to repair damaged file systems. The easiest method is to operate SFC, and You can run the SFC /scan command using your higher Windows Terminal or Command Prompt and let the program accomplish its work. The power can restart the system in console mode before acting the scan, focusing on the system drive.

The SFC tool can mend tainted or missing files during the procedure. However, in certain gears, this may be challenging. If the files aren’t injured, you’ll see the message that says Windows Resource Protection did not notice any veracity issues on your PC screen. However, you can exploit and use the tools DISM to fix a corrupted system image. Also, substituting the files manually is a decent method to deal with spoiled or damaged files.

Run Microsoft-Printer Troubleshooter

Microsoft proposes that a professional in printing help the user if they’re incapable of printing or connecting the printer with their Windows-10/11 system. This tool examines printers to check the system for related issues and attempts to resolve the matter robotically. Here’s how you can fix it.

Install the Troubleshooter for Microsoft Printer software—Clack in the installer to start the troubleshooting. In the Troubleshooter, Edge chooses printer and selects Next. The system will look at the preparation and recognize the issue. If you are asked, clack, “Try troubleshooting with an employee. The mechanism mechanically muddles to fix and display the results.

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