How to Add a Printer in Windows 11

Anybody who’s had to set up a printer before knows it can be a maddening progression. There’s a reason why the printer-smashing scene in “Office Space” still vibrates with so many people even though that movie came out in 1999—it doesn’t feel like the involvement has enhanced much in the overriding periods. Microsoft has done … Read more

WPS PIN HP Printer Guide|DeskJet, OfficeJet and Envy Models

WPS is a shorthand for WiFi Dwindling Setting up. This connection technique was established to confirm that it is as modest as it is for devices to link to a secure wireless network. You have two choices: you can use WPS by using insistent buttons or by entering the PIN. The mainstream HP printers deliver … Read more

7 Ways to Fix PDF Printer Error “Invalid Font When Printing”

You’re trying to print an essential document; however, when you’ve sent the request, you receive the error code that says “PDF Printer Error: invalid font when printing.” The error is very incomprehensible. It could be produced by factors other than the “invalid font.” For example, it could be due to the circumstance that your PDF viewer is out … Read more

How to Connect Your Printer to Wi-Fi 2023

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How to fix Canon 5B00 error 2023

The Canon printer blinks seven times, showing a Maintained Code: 5B00 error. What can I do to resolve this matter? This article will deliver three different strategies to fix the error 5B00 message for multifunction and consistent Canon printers. What is Canon error message 5B00 stand for? It means that the counter for waste ink and that you … Read more

Canon 5b00 error code reset (Updated)

how to resolve a 5B00 error that happens on the Canon printer. A matter within the printer could be measured typically when your printer is executing hard work. Printer matters are unavoidable when your printer is being used. But you need to be anxious about the matters, as there’s an option to precise the matter. … Read more

7 steps To Fix Printer Error 0x00000077 Operation could not be completed?

Users who tried upgrading to Windows 11 and failed now have an exclusive problem with their printer. When printing pdfs, error code 0x00000077, the operation was incomplete, and the job did not flourish. This fault arises when you run the Test print. Moreover, this matter can be seen in mainstream users using Windows 10 or 11. The … Read more

Will my printer work with Windows 11?

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7 Tips| My Printer Is Not Recognizing Compatible Cartridges

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